Zara Larsson’s hopes for new album Poster Girl: “I hope everybody will dance to this in their living rooms!”


Zara Larsson‘s new album Poster Girl is finally here, four long years after her last album, 2017’s So Good.  But Zara says now that it’s out, she doesn’t plan to make her fans wait so long again.

“I think I’m just such a perfectionist and a…control freak…I’ve probably re-recorded every single track on this album like five times!” Zara tells ABC Audio. “But I’m very happy and I’m very proud and I feel like I’m starting again in a way. But…after this, I just want to release music and I want to release a lot of it.”

The Swedish pop star notes that when she released So Good, she was a teenager — but her new songs, partly inspired by fellow Swedes ABBA —  reflect that she’s now an adult.

“I fell out of love and I fell in love and I have traveled some more and stuff just happened,” she explains. “So I think it reflects what it feels like to grow up and to kind of find…I don’t want to say I found myself: not even close. I’ll never find myself. It’s a constant search.”

She laughs, “But, yeah, definitely like finding some form of young womanhood.”

The album’s title, Zara says, was inspired by her childhood as a “fangirl.”

“I had posters on the walls and I was just dreaming [about being] on the stage one day as I was looking at my idols on the wall,” she recalls. “And I was just performing in front of my fake crowd in front of the mirror.”

“But also…I am that girl today!” she says. “Maybe someone has a poster of me in their room!”

Her hopes for the album?  Zara says, “I just hope everybody will dance to this in their living rooms!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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