You've got Moxie: New social platform digitizes the gym experience


(NEW YORK) — In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new digital platform is modernizing the home fitness experience for people across the globe. 

Moxie, described as an all-in-one online fitness studio, is helping users get exercise from the comfort of their homes by partnering with more than 1,000 fitness instructors, with classes ranging from 15 to 75 minutes. It’s also putting fitness instructors to work instead of having them wait in their own homes for the pandemic to end before they can head back to the gym to teach.

Described as “a fitness community where instructors know their students and everyone lifts each other up,” Moxie has made it so consumers have access to a variety of exercises and classes at their fingertips, offering almost 5,000 classes ranging from yoga and pilates to high intensity training.  

Each participating instructor is also given personal studio with warm-up rooms and cool-down rooms, and retain 85 percent of the profits earned in the direct-to-consumer model. 

The two-way streaming platform allows for up to 100 people per class and users can access them from around the world, asking questions in real time.

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