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“What is ‘clairvoyant?'” ‘Jeopardy!’ winner predicted her exact winning dollar amount

Jeopardy! Productions/Sony Pictures Television

While Kent, Ohio-based graphic designer Katie Sekelsky‘s three-day Jeopardy! winning streak came to an end on Wednesday night’s show, she’s still wowing fans, thanks to an eerie prediction. On Twitter, the player shared a drawing of herself she made before her first game — in which she pictured herself winning the exact dollar amount she ended up winning that day.

“The night before my first @Jeopardy taping, I was alone in the hotel, trying to calm down and ‘visualizing’ a win,” Sekelsky explained. “I sketched myself at a podium, with a winning-type dollar amount,” she wrote. “And that winning-type dollar amount was $19,201. This is real.”

Katie added, “This [amount] was not on my mind at all while wagering. I was just betting what I needed to in case Erin bet everything and got it right.”

She also tagged some friends to whom she sent the drawing before the show taped, to prove she wasn’t making the story up. “THERE ARE RECEIPTS” Sekelsky joked. 

Unfortunately for Katie, she couldn’t divine the Final Jeopardy! question that ended her run: “A character who was going to be called Lunar Larry became him, inspired by the name of a real person.” The answer was Buzz Lightyear, from Toy Story; instead Sekelsky wrote “Who is Osmosis Jones?” a reference to the 2001 animated/live-action film of the same name. 

She took the L in stride, however: Katie’s Twitter profile now reads in part: “Never saw Osmosis Jones.” 

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