“We definitely are going big this time”: Pentatonix can’t wait to get back on tour

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Pentatonix kick off their Evergreen Christmas Tour on Saturday — their first tour since COVID. The a capella group’s Scott Hoying says they can’t wait to hit the road with their biggest show yet.

“Oh, man, I am so excited to just be on stage again in front of all of the Pentatonix supporters and fans,” he tells ABC Audio. “We haven’t really performed a full show in…years now! And that was our whole life prior to the pandemic. And so I’m just excited to live that life again.”

And while COVID-19 protocols will keep the group from hanging out or hugging their fans this year, Scott insists, “Being able to be on stage and share that energy with the crowd will definitely make everything worth it.”

Another reason this tour’s special is because the group’s released two Christmas albums in the past two years — 2020’s We Need a Little Christmas and their new one, Evergreen — so this will be their first chance to perform those songs for fans.

“I think it’s the most songs that we’ve ever done for a Christmas tour,” notes Scott. “We do all the ones that people are going to be wanting to hear…and then we do a lot of new stuff from the new album. We’re getting really creative with some of the stage design, and the way the show develops is really thought-out and amazing…we definitely are going big this time!”

And Scott notes that Pentatonix holiday tours even end up attracting fans who don’t celebrate Christmas.

“I feel like a lot of people say stuff like, ‘I’m not even Christian’ or ‘I’m not religious, but I listen to [your version of] “Mary, Did You Know?” all year round,'” he laughs. “It’s cool to be able to transcend all religions.”