Wanna work remotely — from Hawaii?

ABC/Karen Neal

(HAWAII) — Let’s face it: if you’ve been working from home because of the pandemic, you’re probably sick of your four walls by now. So why not trade your makeshift “home office” digs for a beach in Hawaii?

That’s exactly what the 50th State is offering, through a grassroots initiative called Movers and Shakas: “…to recruit and nurture talented professionals to diversify [its] island community.”

Interested?  Just submit an application and if you’re one of 50 lucky people, you’ll get free round-trip airfare to Hawaii, and the ability to trade your fake Zoom background of an island paradise for the real McCoy on Oahu.

As if you need the extra incentive, Hawaii also boasts one of the lowest per capita COVID-19 infection rates in the country, so there’s one less thing to worry about.

Applications will be accepted until December 15, so hop to it.

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