Trump threatens executive action on COVID-19 should Congress fail to act


(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — As Democrats and Republicans continue to hammer out a new COVID-19 relief act — a stalemate that has lasted weeks —  President Donald Trump announced Monday that should Congress fail to act, he will intervene with executive action.

“They’re not interested in the people, they’re not interested in unemployment. They’re not interested in evictions — which is a big deal. The evictions — they want to evict a lot of people,” said President Trump. “They’re going to be evicted. But I’m going to stop it, because I’ll do it myself if I have to. I have a lot of powers with respect to executive orders and we are looking at that very seriously right now.”

It is unknown what action the president should take, especially without Congress’ approval or input.

A senior administration official asserted to ABC News, “Unilateral action is certainly an option if the Democrats continue to find a plethora of ways to say no to reasonable options.”

The biggest point of contention over Congressional negotiations is unemployment, as Democrats are pushing to continue the $600-a-week unemployment benefit while Republicans contest the amount would dissuade able bodied workers from returning to the workforce.

Republicans have since proposed a $200-a-week benefit.

In addition to President Trump threatening White House intervention, the president assured that the novel coronavirus “is receding” and that “We are beginning to see evidence of significant progress.”

His claims counteract those made by Dr. Deborah Birx, who warned that COVID-19 is “widespread” and is equally disbursed in both rural and urban neighborhoods. 

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