Today’s In Crisis headlines


(NEW YORK) — Here are today’s In Crisis headlines:

$12 million settlement reached in fatal Kentucky police shooting of Breonna Taylor
The city of Louisville, Kentucky, has reached a record $12 million settlement with the family of Breonna Taylor, the emergency medical technician shot to death by police in her own home. The settlement was announced by city officials and Taylor’s family on Tuesday afternoon and includes a major police reform package. Among the reforms will be efforts to build stronger connections between police and the communities they serve, a program to include social workers in the Louisville Metro Police Department and an increase in random drug testing of officers. Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, says justice for her daughter does not stop with the settlement. The three officers involved in the March 13 shooting have yet to be charged.

COVID-19 numbers
Here’s the latest data on COVID-19 coronavirus infections and deaths.

Latest reported numbers globally per Johns Hopkins University
Global diagnosed cases: 29,611,845
Global deaths: 935,929.  The United States has the most deaths of any single country, with 195,961.
Number of countries/regions: at least 188
Total patients recovered globally: 20,105,101

Latest reported numbers in the United States per Johns Hopkins University
There are at least 6,606,859 reported cases in 50 states + the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam.  This is more than in any other country.
U.S. deaths: at least 195,961.  New York State has the greatest number of reported deaths in the U.S., with 33,038.
U.S. total patients recovered: 2,495,127
U.S. total people tested: 89,987,708

The greatest number of reported COVID-19 cases in the U.S. is in California, with 768,763 confirmed cases out of a total state population of 39.51 million.  That ranks third in the world after Maharashtra, India, which has 1,097,856 reported cases, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, which has 901,271 reported cases.

President Trump says COVID-19 is “going away” even without vaccine
During an ABC News town hall on Tuesday night at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, President Donald Trump said the COVID-19 pandemic “is going away,” even “without the vaccine.” Medical experts, meanwhile, say there is no evidence that the novel coronavirus will go away without a vaccine.

The president also disputed that he had downplayed the pandemic, insisting that he had actually “up-played it in terms of action.”

“I think what I did by closing up the country, I think I saved two, maybe two and a half [million] — maybe more than that — lives,” he said. “I think we did a very good job. I don’t know if that’s been recognized.”

US records highest daily COVID-19 death toll in weeks
An additional 1,422 coronavirus-related deaths were recorded in the United States on Tuesday, a more than threefold increase from the previous day, according to a real-time count kept by Johns Hopkins University. The country’s latest daily death toll from COVID-19 — the highest since Aug. 12 — is still under its record set on April 17, when there were 2,666 new fatalities in a 24-hour reporting period.

Elsewhere in the world, COVID-19 cases in India topped five million, as the country confirmed 90,123 new cases in the past 24 hours. And Israel recorded its highest single-day increase in COVID-19 cases on Tuesday. It saw 5,523 new diagnoses, according to the country’s health ministry.

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