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(NEW YORK) — Here are today’s In Crisis headlines:

Rochester sees sixth night of protests; Portland police overtime bill nears $7 million
Rochester, New York saw a sixth night of protests Monday, in reaction to the suffocation death last March of Daniel Prude, a Black man who died in police custody during his arrest. WHAM TV reports police made no arrests Monday night, although officers in riot gear at one point rushed to prevent protestors from allegedly attempting to remove barricades surrounding Rochester City Hall. In Portland, Oregon, where protests have continued non-stop since the death of George Floyd last May, KATU-TV reports the Portland Police Bureau has spent at least $6.9 million in overtime in June and July to officers working during the protests. That’s said to be a 200% increase in the overtime paid to officers compared to the same period in 2019. August overtime costs were not yet available, KATU reports.

COVID-19 numbers
Here’s the latest data on COVID-19 coronavirus infections and deaths.

Latest reported numbers globally per Johns Hopkins University
Global diagnosed cases: 27,358,786
Global deaths: 893,021.  The United States has the most deaths of any single country, with 189,226.
Number of countries/regions: at least 188
Total patients recovered globally: 18,355,017

Latest reported numbers in the United States per Johns Hopkins University
There are at least 6,301,544 reported cases in 50 states + the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam.  This is more than in any other country.
U.S. deaths: at least 189,226.  New York State has the greatest number of reported deaths in the U.S., with 33,002.
U.S. total patients recovered: 2,333,551
U.S. total people tested: 83,426,990

The greatest number of reported COVID-19 cases in the U.S. is in California, with 741,593 confirmed cases out of a total state population of 39.51 million.  That ranks third in the world after Maharashtra, India, which has 923,641 reported cases, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, which has 857,330 reported cases.

COVID-19 headlines
COVID-19 global cases surpass 27 million; model predicts over 400,000 US deaths by January 1, 2021
The number of reported COVID-19 cases worldwide now exceeds 27 million, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.  As of Tuesday morning, there were 27,358,786 global diagnosed novel coronavirus cases, an increase of over one million compared to last Friday’s reported numbers. The current global death toll now stands at 893,021, with 189,226, or just over 21%, of those deaths reported in the U.S. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent forecast estimates there could be up to 211,000 U.S. deaths by the week ending September 26, a model created by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington projects 410,451 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. by January 1, 2021. That projection decreases to 288,381 deaths if universal mask mandates are introduced and followed, and increases to 620,029 if states and municipalities continue to ease infection prevention measures such as mask wearing and social distancing.

Drug company CEOs sign COVID-19 vaccine pledge, promising “ethical” and “sound scientific” oversight
The CEOs of nine major drug companies, all of them working on a COVID-19 vaccine in some fashion, on Tuesday announced they’d signed a pledge to “make clear our on-going commitment to developing and testing potential vaccines for COVID-19 in accordance with high ethical standards and sound scientific principles.” The pledge includes a commitment to “Always make the safety and well-being of vaccinated individuals our top priority,” as well as to “adhere to high scientific and ethical standards” throughout clinical trials and manufacturing, to “submit for approval or emergency use authorization” only when Phase 3 clinical trials have concluded and regulatory agency standards have been met, and to “work to ensure a sufficient supply and range of vaccine options, including those suitable for global access.” The pledge comes amid continuing accusations of political pressures attempting to drive COVID-19 treatment approvals and vaccine development. The pledge was signed by the CEOs of AstraZeneca, BioNTech, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Merck/MSD, Moderna, Novavax, Pfizer, and Sanofi.

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