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Three years after its release, BANNERS’ “Someone to You” is finally something to music fans


Someone to You,” a song by British musician Michael Nelson, aka BANNERS, came out way back in 2017, but in 2020 it exploded due to its use in a trailer for a TV show, in a movie, in a T-Mobile commercial and on TikTok.  Now, more than three years after its release, it’s becoming a radio hit.  The song’s success has been a surprise, and Michael says he’s glad his song can “make people’s days just a tiny little bit better.”

Michael says at first, he had no idea why “Someone to You” was getting so many unexpected streams.

“I try not to look at my Spotify numbers too much…but every now and then I was just checking it and it was like, ‘This is getting more and more popular every week,'” he tells ABC Audio.  “So I went to the record label…and I was like, ‘Can we find out what’s going on, please?'”

Now, Michael said he’s happy that all this new exposure for “Someone to You” — he performed it yesterday on Live with Kelly & Ryan, for example — means it’s probably many listeners’ first introduction to his music.

“I’m just glad that…one of the songs that make people happy is the thing that is out there, especially right now,” he explains. “Because that’s all you want…you just want to be involved in making people’s days just a tiny little bit better.”

He adds, “Obviously streams and YouTube and all that stuff is great…but just the idea that you’re making that many people’s days…better…It’s a real privileged position to be in, to be honest with you.”

As for TikTok, Michael laughs, “I’m kind of rubbish at [it] because everyone else is just more creative than me on that thing.  So I feel like if I provided a soundtrack, that I’m kind of happy with that!”


By Andrea Dresdale
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