Lisa Allen

“The message of that song is so strong:” Ava Max explains the success of “Kings & Queens”


Ava Max released her female empowerment anthem “Kings & Queens” well over a year ago, but it’s still going strong on radio and on the charts. Ava thinks the song is so popular because it connects to a very specific audience, with a message that they need to hear.

Calling the song’s continued success “insane,” Ava says, “You know, I look back at all the songs I’ve released, and it does make sense. The message of that song is so strong. It is for the female. It’s for the woman. It’s for the women who have been told you can’t do something, and ‘Hey…you should clean the house. You shouldn’t have a career,'” she tells ABC Audio.

“This is for women who want to go out there and reach for their goals and accomplish something great, just like any other man,” she adds. “I think that’s why it’s so big, because women are connecting so much to that song.”

In fact, Ava says the song’s success has inspired her to write songs with similar themes, as she puts together her next album.

“I try so hard, even now with the second album, to write more anthems like ‘Kings and Queens,'” she admits. “Because I feel like we need it, and that song proved it!”

Ava recently wrapped up a stint opening for Maroon 5 on the stadium dates of their just-concluded tour.