The "Best Cities for Christmas" 2020, ranked


(NEW YORK) — This Christmas will no doubt be different than the others we remember, but you can still enjoy it to the fullest — provided you live in Durham, North Carolina. 

The city topped WalletHub’s Best Cities for Christmas ranking for 2020. 

The financial site crunched the numbers on “15 key indicators of a safe and affordable Christmas,” ranging from the number of COVID-19 cases present there to the “availability of Christmas traditions,” to each city’s “overall generosity.” Out of 100 cities in the U.S. Durham came out on top, followed by San Jose, California, and Honolulu. Oakland, California ranked fourth and Raleigh, North Carolina rounded out the top five.

Coming in dead last, according to WalletHub? Hialeah, Florida, which ranked as #100.

WalletHub’s Top 10 Best Cities for Christmas, 2020: 

1. Durham, NC 
2. San Jose, CA 
3. Honolulu, HI 
4. Oakland, CA 
5. Raleigh, NC 
6. Pittsburgh, PA 
7. San Francisco, CA 
8. Portland, OR 
9. Plano, TX 
10. Seattle, WA

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