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Your Unrealistic Goal

Make it to the NHL and play for the Blackhawks

Opening my own aquatic facility

Own a dance studio and store

To marry one of the Hemsworth brothers

Unrealistic goal: give up sugar

Be best friends with Taylor Swift!

I want to do a full Ironman in my 40’s. I’ll be 37 this year and can’t even complete a 5k

We want to move our 125 year old, two-story house to another area

To pay off our student loans!

Losing 100lbs so that my boss can leave his hot wife for me!! 

I want to learn how to do a backflip

I want to become a famous health and wellness blogger

Become a Canadian citizen

I’m currently an airline pilot. I’d give anything to be the pilot for the Detroit Red Wings team plane

To work for Pixar

I want to be interviewed on a late night talk show

Unrealistic goal: I just want to be friends with Joe Maddon. Not in any creepy way possible. I just want to have a couple beers with him now and then and shoot the shit. Just buddies, ya know? He’s so cool

To quit my day job because my podcast is picked up by a major network. Then I get to run my own comic con “shawn-con” 

My unrealistic goal is to be rich enough to have one of those walk-in spa Showers with heated floors, double shower heads, side jets, the whole works

Dating Melissa and having her be like Kate Beckinsale to Pete Davidson to me (I’m 22)

I would love to drive a snowplow for one day. Just barreling through 

My goal is to win a multi million dollar lottery and open a pug sanctuary for all the pugs in the world that don’t have a home

WINNER: I want to ride in Jerry Taft’s Uber. I want to plan a trip down to Naples to do nothing but ride Ubers in hopes of getting him as my driver just once

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