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Your Unexpected Kiss


I am a nurse and I was hugging a patient’s family member and they leaned in and kiss me and it completely took me off guard it was a little awkward

At a family gathering I got sneak attack kissed by not one but two of my husband’s uncles. Needless to say I learned how to turn my head when going in for a goodbye hug after that

I ran into my ex-boyfriend’s mother at a bar and she kissed me while we were dancing on the lips! 

I’m a hair stylist, and one of my older clients is a hugger, except one day he went in for a hug and we did the awkward head thing and I ended up getting a kiss as well 

I was at a Cubs game when I was about 10 years old walking up the ramp to my seat. Next thing a knew, a boy about 13-15 years old just stopped and kissed my cheek and continued on walking. 

The IT Tech got the corner of my lip as he went in for a hug

One of my coworkers at the Xmas Party. I went to say goodbye and went in for the hug. He was trying to I think give me the European cheek kiss, but instead ended up kissing my neck

It was my daughter’s kindergarten teacher after a conference. He leaned in to shake my hand and I went for the hug and kissed his cheek! No clue why I did that

While shopping for pet food, I pointed out a coupon stuck to the dog food bag of the person i did not know in line in front of me. It was for $10 off, and he walk over and kissed me to thank me 

Unexpected kiss: I got a kiss from my boss’ wife after I got a big account for their business. Everybody was giving high-fives or a pat on the shoulder but she ent in for the kiss that lasted a little too long! Lol 

Hi Eric, Michelle, and flip. I am a car salesman. One of my customers snuck a kiss on me.

My unexpected kiss was from my teacher after my choir concert. He kissed me on the cheek because he was proud of my improvement

Hi Eric, Michelle, and flip. I am a car salesman. One of my customers snuck a kiss on me

WINNER: I saw Rahm Emanuel At a function and we went to go do the cheek kiss and I accidentally ended up kissing his ear

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