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Your Strange Flirty Texts

He told me I might look like a potato but I’m a hot potato and he can handle the heat

I’m bold and hot like you. Meet for coffee? I’ll give you an allowance for your time.

The guy wanted to get my opinion on something so I said sure shoot whats up. He wanted to know what I felt about “size” i responded truthfully because why not this guy is a weirdo right out the gate and he then proceeded to send me a picture. Wasn’t my type and immediately was blocked

Weirdest flirt text I ever got was hey girl do you play drums cuz you’re banging

When my ex first flirted with me he said he wanted to play hunger games with me naked!

A woman referred to my male appendage as a heat seeking moisture missile I lost it and couldn’t continue with it any more

He sent me a long novel of texts pouring out his feelings for me but needed to admit something to me. His ex girlfriend still lives with him. But he was hopeful that his business of selling his used underwear would make him enough money to move somewhere else

The weirdest flirty text I’ve gotten is this (Kit Kat was the nickname he gave me): KIT KAT MAKES ME HAPPY AND SHE IS MY NEW DRUG #FDAapproved 

Porn ….. OMG!!! This was shared… He thought it was sexy… Deleted him! blocked him! He gone! 

WINNER: Heard you had trouble in math class… come over I can help.. add my bed, subtract your clothes, divide your legs, and multiple!

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