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Your Spring Break Story

Falling inside dolphin pool first vacation with my fiancé

I got fake engaged for free drinks

Bartender in Cancun brought us to brothel instead of club

Fell asleep on a bus. Woke up in Tijuana

School baseball trip. Coach got caught with hooker

I punched out a hotel window 

Camping in the snow – Tent caught fire

Got kicked out / banned from pheasant run resort

Went to Germany to avoid the Ex. Ex was there!

I caught a fishing pole with a shark on it!

Tanning bed = prickly heat. Full blown Head to toe hives

Vegas with my grandad had to see boob show…awkward !!!!

Drunken buddy took the wrong train, ends up in Cleveland

Rescued at sea on a runaway standup paddle board

I once demanded all the garbage off of an airplane!

Jagger off an untied alligator..and 30 puke

2am pajama walk to IHOP for sundaes Hwy 1 in Fort Lauderdale

Talked my way out of getting arrested by calling voicemail

Hot guy almost kidnaped me lost shoes

WINNER: I hooked up and became a Dad of triplets

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