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Your Silly Marriage Problem!

We have a beautiful crystal chandelier in our foyer. I love it when it is dim. My husband likes it turned all the way up so that it can be seen from outer space

The seasoning my husband uses in the new Insta pot makes me gag and he won’t stop using it 

I spend to much money on shopping for my dog 

Taking out the bathroom garbage.. I never use it lol 

There’s a shirt in the corner of the room and each of us feel the other one should pick up 

We are currently fighting on who parks on which side of the driveway

My husband won’t stop stealing my socks! 

My husband says I shouldn’t send multiple texts before he answers first one – it’s his pet peeve and he gets really irritated 

I’m trying to get her to be like my sister the porn star 

My husband won’t do yoga with me, but I’m a yoga teacher! #sillymarriageproblem 

My wife gets mad if I work. I only work 40hrs a week, I’m not a doctor or anything

I can not stop buying coats for my dog. I just bought her a Canada Pooch and she now has more coats than my husband 

I want to buy blinds from the store for our new baby’s room. He wants to order custom shades 

Getting a dog from a shelter as opposed to buying a dog from a breeder 

He’s cleansing but I want him bigger (he’s a big bear ) 

My wife consistently sleeps naked so if one of her three kids need something I pretty much have to take care of it and I am also worried that in an emergency she will be naked on the front lawn 

Can two different cereal boxes be open at the same time? I like to have Cheerios one day and Crispix the next. But my husband wants to completely finish the Cheerios before opening the Crispix. Can our marriage survive this?

We argue about who is going to drug his bipolarcat every evening. Hes too afraid to do it himself

We argue about the proper way to clean a mirror

We can’t agree on a Netflix show because he’s so picky AND falls asleep 5 minutes into any show

We’re arguing about him not liking or commenting on my Facebook posts unless I bait him to

WINNER: My husband spends hours at the gas station talking to people


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