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Your Rude Girlfriend Moment

When my gf said “I didn’t think a girl your size could pull that off, but you did!” Uhhh….thanks for the compliNOT!

One of my “best friends” set me up with one of her friends to date and then was telling him how awful of a person i was and tried ruining it when he was giving me attention. but she was in a serious relationship and living with her boyfriend??? 

We were going out to a friends house for a party. I was wearing a flannel and jeans and boots. I thought I looked good for the house party we were going to. My friend proceeds to tell me ” I love how you dress so casual all the time and just don’t care.” 

I always thought I was the nice one until one of my girlfriends texted me out of the blue to ask my opinion because I was “her most honest friend” which I initially took as a compliment but later realized was code for her bitchiest friend lol

In high school, my girlfriends ditched me to hang out with some guys. They weren’t smart about it because I called my best friends house and her Mom slipped. Then, I called my other girlfriend and busted them both while they were getting ready to go out. #prettygirlproblems#backhandedbitches 

I had recently moved into a new house. It was old and needed fixing up. My bff was over for dinner. I pointed out a tile that was cracked in the kitchen. She made a smart ass comment about there being something broken in every room in my house. I didn’t skip a beat and snapped back that at least I had a house. She lived with her in-laws….

“Oh, remember how DIFFERENTLY good you looked at the time of your wedding days.” That was 1 year ago

WINNER: My best friend and I were fighting pretty badly one night. Our mutual friend locked us in a room and said we couldn’t come out until we said something really nice about each other. I told her she was great with people, a real “people person”. She told me I looked tan

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