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Your Prank On A Co Worker

 I used to work at Subway, and on April Fools’ Day I put a packet of mustard at the bottom of the straw of my managers drink as a prank. So he end up drinking mustard instead of Coca-Cola

Put a post on Craigslist advertising free Cubs World Series tickets with my jagoff coworker’s phone number. He had to disconnect his number by late morning. It was amazing.

Changed coworkers autocorrect on her computer so that every time she typed “the”, “help me” came up instead.

Installing a shirtless Justin Bieber as the wallpaper on a male colleague’s computer.

One of coworkers was a lions fan. He had a bobblehead doll in his office that we kidnapped and kept sending him Ransom notes and showing pictures where his bobblehead was being tortured.

I Installed a program called “burp” so the computer would randomly burp through their speakers.

My fiancé’s coworker complains all day, every day at work and drives him nuts so he had me start to write him secret admirer notes that he leaves in random places around his desk. It puts him in a better mood at work too!

My Dad dabbled flower and blueberry Mix on his friends Cadillac. Thinking it was bird poop.And then licked it to prove it wouldn’t hurt his paint

I called my co worker and told him he had won a contest from a department store and he actually went in to claim it and they told him they hadn’t drawn the winner yet

Changed the alignment of his mouse so he kept missing the desktop icons he wanted to click.

We have a couple rude employees here who use my coffee creamer without asking. So I saw who it was, knowing she has done this to many people in the office, I let my milk at home expire then swapped the coffee creamer for spoiled milk at home. Brought it in on a Monday. She apparently used it in her coffee and I heard she spit it out at her desk! Haven’t had a problem since…

Winner: As a prank I sent my co-teacher a note supposedly from the principal saying the following day was pajama day for staff members. She dressed in a robe, slippers and hair curlers. We still laugh about it to this day.

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