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Your Office Prank

One time I put those “pop it” firecrackers under the toilet seat lid. I set it down lightly so the next time someone sat down, it would make a huge bang

Put my bosses’ office furniture up for sale on Craigslist and listed his # for people to call and purchase

Replaced the desk chair with a toilet and took off the door and replaced with a shower curtain

I once moved everyone’s name plates to different desks. 200 employees

I filled a co-worker’s locker with spray foam

I put a stuffed rat on my boss’s desk chair with some crushed up crackers. We had an open floor plan, she pulled out her chair and yelled WHAT THE SHIT!!

I stuffed my CO workers cubicle full of balloons and taped a knitting needle to part door! Then when all of her balloons were popped, she found out thatall of her drawers were wrapped in saran wrap and put in upside down, and I had rearranged the keys on her keyboard I am a jerk

About 12 of us blind copied (bcc’d) one of our coworkers on EVERY single email we sent for the day, making her PANIC

I work at a restaurant and every new hire has to empty the hot water out of the iced tea machine……the one attached to the restaurant water supply. One poor girl went 14 gallons with the beast before she caught on

I was in the girls swim team display case once, I was in the “futureeducators of America” case once … it was all pretty hilarious 

At the Grocery Store we would have a new kid “fill” the drinking fountain in the front of the store. They’d get a 5gal bucket of water in back and stumble up front to pour the entire bucket in the drinking fountain. 15744538321

I work in shipping and receiving, I shrink wrapped my bosses chair to his desk and put all of his belongings in boxes shipping to Canada

We got new security cameras and we took one of the old ones and aimed it at one of the guys we even head a wire running down the wall. The guy asked the company owner if he New anything about it and the owner looked at me and said he didn’t but he was sure who did know about it!

My coworker has a prized plant that she talks to everyday and when she went on vacation we replaced it with a dead plant. So when she returned she thought we killed her plant 

I placed pink glitter in my Co Workers heating / air conditioning vents. I’m talking PINK GLITTER. TO THIS DAY he walks in the office with pink glitter onhis clothing. That was 2 years ago

I did not do it, but I had a coworker that took all the paper dots out of a hole puncher and put them in the vents of someone’s car, then turned the a/con high. That’s what happens when you don’t lock your car at work. 16305444639

My coworker went on vacation and I replaced all of her photographs at her desk of her children with pictures of my husband and I on vacation

I started a rumor that the Christmas party was pajama themed and it spread so much that HR had to send out an email reminding everyone it was a dressy event

We played SEVERAL pranks on a doctor I worked for. Cut the fingers of his exam gloves. Filled in his information on a form for a penis pump. Fake poop specimens left on his desk

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