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Your Office Gossip

Gossip that the new girl is sleeping with our boss 

The current gossip at our work is that our boss is pregnant 

Some positive gossip: the strong rumor going around is that the managing partner at my firm is giving every employee and their families a trip to Disney World

Our chef is an alcoholic who missed an important wedding because he was locked up overnight at the police station

Office gossip Someone was suspended and maybe fired for not smiling and being friendly enough 

I work at a high school and the current staff gossip is trying to figure out who clogged the staff bathroom that began seeping out into the hallways. My bet is on the nun

Found out many of the nurses we work with are swingers

The two biggest stories floating around the office right now are one, that the building is haunted. And two, the boss is having an affair with an employee because they’re the only two people in the office with a cold right now 

My GM was found the morning after the bears game last week passed out drunk in one of the booths. He’s walking around like no one knows but we all know about it! 

The hot gossip at my work is about how my jerk boss let $20,000 IN CASH walk out our front door because someone dressed up as the guard who takes our money to the bank and he didn’t bother to check the guys badge! 

That soon we’re not going to be able to listen on the radio on our work computers. They have already stopped Facebook 

WINNER: Male coworker told me that he uses the ladies restroom because they have better toilet paper and no one has found out yet 

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