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Your Odd Holiday Tradition

We have fondue fest on Christmas Eve- Cheese, regular, and chocolate 

Family malort shot

We all watch Talledega Nights the ballad of Ricky Bobby

Scavenger hunt for the final present 

We wrap the kids door ways in wrapping paper so the kids cant get out of their rooms until mom and dad wake up

No matter what, we always have to play the Dictionary Game on Christmas Eve with our extended family

Mom always gets underwear from the dog 

There is a big Santa throw rug that is passed to a different one of the families at extended family party. All names written on the back and year

We make homemade ravioli on black Friday and freeze them to eat for Christmas Eve dinner

On Christmas day at my grandmas house all of the kids play a game where they try to find a pickle ornament on the tree whoever finds the pickle gets a gift. Looking back, bunch of kids playing game called hide the pickle sounds a little weird ‍

Family, giving…nah we go bowling 

Whoever gets the most drunk during Christmas Eve dinner has to read the Christmas Story from the Bible out loud to everyone 

We celebrate Christmas and Easter in March with in laws complete with a hillbilly white elephant egg hunt 

We go every year to take our family picture with Santa. My kids are adults. 26 and 25. We never miss a year. Have been doing this since they were babies 

Christmas Eve after the kids open gifts, the adults do a shot of Ouzo (straight from the bottle passed around). We’re not even Greek

My mom always made a Christmas breakfast she learned from her mom called ‘rail bread’. It’s basically fried bread dipped in sugar water and plum juice until it’s nice and soggy. My siblings and I love it!

My family has a Christmas pageant and talent show. It’s for the kids- I’m 31 and still included and no one is very talented

WINNER: My father and I do all our shopping together on Christmas eve, then visit a gentleman’s club to celebrate being done with our gift list… 10 years running



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