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Your Issues

Chafing issues

Sinus Issues 

Baby momma issues 

I have I’m broke issues 

I have my dog eating all my underwear issue

I have frog issues 

I have doormat issues 

Feet blister issues

Sexual frustration issues

Feeling Trapped 

Elevator issues 

There’s nothing to watch on my Netflix issues 

There is not enough dressing on my salad. Now it tastes like salad 

Second career, 2 years of school to realize I just can’t and don’t like the path I chose issues

NEW BOSS … not every situation is a teaching moment … unreal 

My issue is that I have too many celebrity doppelgängers, Just wanna be myself 


I’ve been a bartender for 20 yrs and have been a delivery driver for a year now. I work Monday they fri from 4 am -2 pm and every Friday/Saturday night from 7pm-3am and I NEVER get to go anywhere or do anything!  

No RSVP wedding response issues 

I have Bitchy CoWorker issues. Omg everyday something New! She is constantly Bitching about something I need a day or nite away from the Bitchy CoWorker

I’m having CROSSFIT issues

I could have been on the bachelor but chose to be a poor grad student- issues 

German shepherd puppies lack of sleep issues 

I can grow a beard but can’t grow hair on my head issues 

I had adulting issues. Insurance, budgeting, taxes, medical, politics, what? I just got married and you’d think I’d have a clue by this point. WRONG 

I love fishing but im afraid of fish 

Ranch dressing issues 

My sister taking my iPass out of my car and I unknowingly accrue $100 in fees from Illinois toll road issues

Last week I broke my “man hood” (yes, it’s possible) and now I’m walking like Im constipated because of the surgery 

Ketchup issue. Ketchup on everything. Just found out the best (Heinz) ketchup has high fructose corn syrup and I’m struggling. MUST have ketchup 

I have issues trying to figure out what flavor I want in my dunkin iced coffee everyday

Listening to other people’s conversations at a restaurant issues!!

I have “can’t eat a taco or hot dog without it’s contents falling in my lap” issues

Husband won’t let me get a puppy issue

Flat hair issues! I wish I had cheerleader hair!

Junk in the Trunk Issues. It hits everybody

My 2 chihuahuas run my life issues

Husband ogre feet issues 

I cannot stop collecting portable battery charger. I’m up to 22

I have Dunkin’ Donuts issues! Now that they’ve re-branded as Dunkin, I don’t like their new cups and I love Dunkin!

WINNERS: I have eczema issues, on my butt cheek!

Cant poop since last Thursday issues

I don’t eat the END of things Fries Hotdogs Meatloaf Banana’s Motz sticks .. etc

I have I can out drink all my friends issues 

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