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Your Goals

Goal: spend a year by the beach and write a book. The book would either be biographical fiction or a parenting inspirational book

Become a realtor, and take over Chicago west suburb market

I would love to be a pornstar 

10 years ago i told my wife i wanted to learn how to play the bagpipes and haven’t even started to look into it 

My long term goal: to inspire and motivate, and make a positive difference in the world….. short term goal: master my local hip hop class 

I want to one day swim with sharks 

I’d like to learn how to navigate driving around Chicago and understand the neighborhoods. #suburbangirl 

Becoming a “weed” farmer 

My goal is to finish my first half marathon in January in under 3 hours

Drone Pilot. I’ve done the research. Now I need to practice and study for the test

Want to own a home on Island Lake WI for a getaway location! 

Open a no kill shelter for animals

I would love to sing the national anthem at a Cubs game

My goal has always been to come up with a dance routine with my friends, perform it at a nightclub, and have a crowd of people circle around us cheering 

Always wanted to pursue Stand Up Comedy

Be the youngest governor in the history of Indiana 

To dunk a basketball on standard nba rim (just once) 

I want to rent an RV and road trip to every baseball park the Cubs play at for 1 whole season 

I want to be a Milf 

I want to learn sign language and become and interpreter. Also interpret music at rap concerts #madprops 

WINNER: To eat live crickets scantily clad with bear grylls in a tent on a scenic cliff 

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