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Your Failed Rule

No fighting over texts 

Everyone has to be at every holiday every year 

When we get home from work, we put phones in a basket until 

Saturday night church! 

We’re eating all organic! One big food bill from Whole Foods changed that! 

My husband and I set a rule that we would never be without each other at a bar after midnight

My girlfriends and I were not going to drink for 30 days straight. It wasn’t four hours later we Realized it was Tuesday half-price wine night at Houlihan’s. We had a good run! 

Rule – no more drinking anything outside of the kitchen because cups are left all over the house. — it lasted all of 30 minutes

Wanted Husband to give me a hug and kiss before he left for work every day. Lasted 3 Days

We decided the whole family was going to gather in the living Room and do 30 seconds of an exercise that each of us picked so that we would end up with 3 solid minutes of  exercise A-day. We did it for 2 days 

Weekly dinner menu so we know what we are having and you don’t have to think of anything that same day

Pick up dog poop everyday at 5pm. (Yet every spring it’s like a encinoman movie gone wrong out there)

We were trying to create some extra sparks in the physical area so we made a rule that when we come in the door from work we take our pants off and leave them off the rest of the evening. That lasted half a day it was too cold. 18477028570

Rule: she can’t order Uber for us – Lyft is way better+18478947196

Family meeting once a week. Happened twice 

No internet/electronics on weds night from 6 to 9. Lasted 3 weds

Kids are going to bed early so that we could have grown up time. Whether it was a date, watch Netflix, or simply just spend time together. I always fell asleep with the kids 

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