Your Crazy Breakup

I found out he was cheating on me so I slept with his best friend and took a picture of us laying in bed together and sent it to him with the caption “we’re done”.

My boyfriend, turns out, had two girlfriends and we both figured it out on a Saturday night. Both showed up at his apartment. Confronted him face to faceand then proceeded to make a mess of his home. Pulled everything out of every drawer, left it all on the floor. The biggest mess you have ever seen. And to top it all off, he has a slight shoe obsession and we proceeded to burn at least 100 pairs of Jordan’s. 

He broke up with me because I didn’t give him enough Nacho Cheese with his nachos. “You ruined my lunch we are over.”

My crazy breakup. Couldn’t get ahold of my bf, so I drove around the local bars and found his parked car. I sat there and waited for him to come out. Hehad been drinking so I was driving him home, and as we were arguing he jumped out of my moving car!

A woman showed up at my door said shes been his fiance for 15yrs!!! She called him from my door, he pretended I was his best friends mistress and he only pretended I was his GF to cover for his friend. She said he had also secretly remarried his ex wife 10yrs ago… she took him back. Ha ha Yikes.

I gave a speech in front of 700 coworkers at a sales conference in Orlando. Afterwards my girlfriend came up and said good job but I can’t take this anymore. I’m breaking up with you. Thanks for the free vacation. She didn’t know my mic was still live and on.

He bumped me in the head with a bread stick because I was eating it without sauce. Then came back to swirl the sauce and eat the stick, fyi it’s bc I caught him cheating.

After I broke up with my ex he cut all of the protected tags from my Bennie Baby collection.

I found out my fiancĂ© was cheating on me. I encouraged him that we should to get matching tattoos with each other’s names he went first. When his was almost done I slipped out the back door.

My boyfriend and I worked at same company and we were secretly dating since he was my boss. We had a minor fight one night and I came to work to find an email to the entire office announcing that we were broken up and he officially resigned. Haven’t seen him since!

Additional: I’m only thirteen but this is making me not want to date.

Winner: My crazy breakup was about 5 years back and there was a fake pregnancy scare and after that she suddenly had an Austrailian accent and started going outwith her best friend’s brother who she claimed she never met before we started going out. She was also texting me from her phone pretending to be him and telling me to take her back.

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