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Your Company Has Lost It

I was eliminated from my position because I didn’t know where my coworker went after she left 

They had to hold a meeting for all the men about not peeing on the toilet seat and floor and not cleaning it up

To cut costs my company started limiting TP use 

My former employer would make us have weekly meetings specifically for us to talk about our feelings and “cry it out.” 

Our company put in a rule that you can’t have any air fresheners other than company approved (that don’t work) in the bathrooms in order to standardize all offices

I work at a restaurant and when the ceiling began to leak, we got an email that told us to not tell the guest that the ceiling is leaking, and to “act surprised” if they said anything

If we broke the travel policy by booking outside the preferred time window, our name was put on a shame board in the lobby 

Paralegals not allowed to wear suits so as not to be confused as lawyers

When I was younger I used to work at a all time grocery store, and there was always this kid they came around in the store chanting. So we decided to stanting some kind of song it was almost daemonicart locking the doors at a certain time of day that we knew he was out and about

Told us that we would have to go to the bathroom at the nearest McDonald’s because they Blamed us for their plumbing issues and told us we would not be able to use the toilets any longer 

I taught at a school and we used to have to call on the PA system for someone to bring us the key to use the washroom

They gave a trendy program name to a clean up initiative which involved laying people off

We have a bathroom in our office and the boss sent out an email that you could only go number one in this bathroom. If you have to go number 2 you have to go down the hallway to the public bathroom

Weird company policy: absolutely NO starbursts allowed. If a starburst is found the employee would be fired

Business attire went from casual to a strict business casual (collared shirt and slacks) because I wore too many deep V T-shirts 

As a trucking company they came up with a policy that we were only allowed to fuel our trucks on specific day of the week 

We were told at work we are no longer allowed to put Band-Aids on kids if they get injured

You can’t wear shorts on your route during summer until ALL of your customers bought a case of Arizona Iced Tea! True story! 

My job has a “Code Green” thing going on. Management has to check ALL the garbage to see if we’re recycling

I started a new job and signed documents saying I will not drink alcohol at work and can be randomly tested. After the meeting with HR there were mimosas 

They prohibited popping popcorn in the microwave. All because someone burned it once in a big meeting

Our company sent out a memo banning the use of red pens/ markers +17082128632

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