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Your Co Worker Asked You To…

My coworker asked me to feed their fish while they were on vacation for 2 weeks. I passed.

Umm can u follow my husband in ur car!! I think he is having an affair

The weird favor my boss asked me was to wash her 3 dogs. And I did because I can’t tell my boss no 

I knew my coworker for a month and she asked me to drive her to the airport at 3 am… 

Once I went out with a bunch of coworkers for a holiday party at this pub in Naperville and one of the guys that I work with was married asked if he could talk to me and pulled me aside and asked if I would be willing to do a threesome with him and his wife of course I said absolutely not 

I had to ask my boss for her shoes and she gave them to me 

My coworker asked if I could store her breastmilk in my refrigerator….And she needs enough room to be able to store three pouches per day 

My boss asked me to take his on line traffic school class for him. I refused to do it.

Just recently.. “hey, can I borrow five bucks for lunch and can you go pick it up for me? I don’t want to clock out!” Gave the five dollars but said I wasn’t going to pick up

My co worker who inspired to be a rapper/artist asked me to take headshots of him at lunch. And let me add that we worked at a bank

A coworker of mine went around asking others to fund her dogs surgery. What was scary is she was truly offended when the people she asked turned her down 

My coworker asked me to take him to his Colonoscopy and then wait for him and to take him home. He asked me because he did not want to have to have his wife take off a day of work. Yes I did it for him. The best part is.. 2 years later I returned the favor and ask him to do the same for me which he did

Co worker asked me to drive is 85 year old grandmother to CVS to pick up her prescriptions with her because his license was suspended and couldn’t drive

I helped my coworker clean out his first floor apartment after the building sewer clogged and 7 stories of sewage backed up into his unit

A coworker asked me to run out and buy her a new bra! Working at a health club and hers broke while teaching a class. Of course I helped a sister out! 

Help him pick up 10 used upright pianos that someone was giving away for free so that he could try to sell them instead

A girl asked me for one of my vitamin d mints to hide her alcohol breath. I gave her one. She puked under her desk

I had a co-worker ask if I could make him his lunch everyday because he was jealous of what I made for myself. And I do

WINNER: Trim one of his nipple hairs. It kept getting stuck in his underarmour

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