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Your Boss Once Asked You To Do What?

My boss once asked me to pluck his eyebrows

Explain to her what masturbation is and I am a man. True story

My boss once asked me to sit in his lap if I wanted my Christmas bonus

My boss once asked me to come into her office and asked me if it smelled like a fart. She had IBS

My boss asked me to drive 3 states over just to buy a turkey for a former co-worker. Then yelled at me for doing it. I quit

My boss once asked me to host a sex toy party with her

My boss asked me to buy her some weed 

My boss once asked me to pick up her kids and bring them to our work 

My boss once asked me to… photoshop her to look thinner for her LinkedIn profile picture (I’m a graphic designer) 

My boss once asked me to fly to Washington DC to pick up some custom made suits for him 

My boss asked me to pay for a reverse phone look up to catch his wife cheating on him 

Pee in a cup for $50

My boss asked me to take the two week paternity leave out of the personnel benefits because his wife was pregnant and he didnt want to have to stay home 

My boss once asked me to pick him up from a colonoscopy 

My boss asked me to pick him up at the police station after being arrested 

My boss once asked me to change his triplets diapers on bring your kid to work day let me tell you it was a mess 

My boss told me to wear low cut shirts for when the auditors come in so they won’t mark as many points off

In college, my boss asked me to Lie about my age so our department could have our Xmas party at the bar. I was 18 at the time

My boss one time asked me to no longer say “My bad” because she didn’t understand what it meant

My boss asked me…to miss college classes to stay at work (Burger King) & cover for someone that called off. I didn’t want to make that job my career!!! 

Wash her dogs butt after she had her anal glands squeezed at the vet

WINNER: Review a clients computer for porn with the boss. To make sure the client wasn’t in any of the videos

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