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You Were Drunk Where?

After a long night of drinking I woke up in my best friends sisters sons nursery room I sleeping in his crib 

In a field under the power lines in Florida

In the hallway of the hotel I was staying at using drapes from the window as a blanket

I ended up in St Paul, Minnesota!!!

After an entire night of drinking work up at Montrose Dog Beach with a couple friends. None of had a dog 

I started in Tehachapi California, woke up the next morning with 2 of my buddies at a drag queens house in Las Vegas

Starved Rock

I ended up locked inside of an Al’s beef in River North

I took an uber home after a long night after the bar, gave the uber driver the address and next thing i know i woke up at my parents house. Which is 176 miles away from my house…. i gave him my parents address

After drinking Jameson, and a lot of it, I came to in a funnel cake shop in Wisconsin dells with a plastic disposal bib on being fed funnel cake by a friend of mine. I haven’t had Jamo since

I woke up on the floor in a room where two people were doing it on the bed next to me

Underneath a 4’x8’x4′ bird cage 

I was woken up by free-range chickens after sleeping on a park bench in Key West

In the fountain at the viagra triangle 

Drinking with friends hopped on a bike with a friend he peddled on LSD while I held on for dear life.. we decided we were tired and took a break to be awoken at about 5 by a cab driver in the morning sleeping on the parkway

I had a drunken night, decided to fly to France for a girl I was in love with. Flew that night on an extremely expensive ticket bought last minute. When I arrived in France, she was happy to see me but nervous because I spoke no French and was this typical American coming to meet all her family. Later that day we got into the family RV and drove 6 hours to Barcelona and spent 2 weeks on the beach

WINNER: I was so drunk I ended up at the EDM tent, also known as the orgy tent at country thunder. I freaked out and called my mom

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