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You Quit Your Job Because?

I worked at a pizza place for 2 days. I quit because we had to slide the order ticket on a wire that crossed over all the ingredients. I couldn’t do it 

Hooked up with my boss at the Christmas party and then he made it weird…..

I quit my job as a mail lady because constantly stepping in someone’s else’s dog Pooh was killing me 

I quit my job so I could drive my daughter to and from school every day!

I quit my job to moved 700 miles away with my gf

I quit my job because my boss was trying to turn me against my parents

I was tired of light bulbs going out

I quit my job at jimmy johns because I wasn’t able to get free sandwiches anymore

I quit my job because they told us we couldn’t wear jeans or shorts anymore 

I left because one of my coworkers wanted to fight me in the parking lot

I quit my job because I sent an email to the entire organization trying to say “they got it” and I said “they go TIT” in all Caps

They took away the perk of eating the candy as you crushed it to prep for making blizzards

I quit because I was hired as an office assistant and my boss used me solely to babysit her son!

My first job as a teenager was as a gas station attendant. My boss would not let me have the day off to go to Great America with my friends. So I quit

Quit my job because i would not play Santa at the holiday party 

I ordered antibacterial soap for the women’s washroom and got yelled at for it

I looked out the window and saw ducks in the little pound outside our office. For some reason I was jealous of them and wanted to be free like the ducks so I got up and told my boss I was going to the bathroom and never came back

I worked for plastic surgeons & they discontinued free Botox for the employees. I was the final straw for me – I had to quit

I quit my job because I didnt stop at the store before work to buy strawberry syrup and i got in trouble for it! We had run out in the break room

I quit my job because I didn’t want to go to my boss’s daughter’s wedding

I worked in a restaurant and the chef wanted me to marry him and move to Switzerland. I was 19

I quit my job because we couldn’t eat lunch or snacks at our desk. All beverages at our desk had to be in a company branded cup

At a restaurant job they told me i would have to pay for broken glassware. Gave my notice that day

I refused to shake my boss’ hand, because I saw him walk out from doing a #2 and he didn’t wash his hands. Knowing I’ll have to shake his hand all the time, I quit

The final straw was when someone ate my burrito. I was saving it for dinner and I’m convinced it was the manager

I quit my job because they wouldn’t let me wear big hoop earrings 

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