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You Once Thought

I used to think there were there sharks in Lake Michigan 

My college roommate thought that buffalo wings were made of buffalo meat 

I thought a adult bookstore was an adult library

Thought for a long time Guns & Roses paradise city lyrics said “take me down to the very last city” Shane 

My dad told me when I was young that the fish has no nerves in their mouth so they couldn’t feel the hook. I believed it well into my 20s! I only learned the truth when my then boyfriend took me fishing and burst my bubble

My dad told me that my braces could attract lightening. So for 5 years I slept with my back toward my window when it stormed

I thought for awhile that wearing a hat would make you go bald quicker

I once thought that when my aunt reached my grandma’s age she would become my grandma! 

I believed that it was physically impossible for horses to lie down and if they did it meant they were died because they were too heavy for their legs

Up until recently, I thought that Hollywood was a nickname for Los Angeles. I didn’t realize they were two separate cities in California

I was at KFC and they were taking a really long time. I thought they were getting live chickens from a pen out back to cook. I went around the building to check. Lol 

I once thought that those library signs on the side of the road were circus signs. They looked like a seal

My husband thought until adulthood that there were two different types of dandelions, the yellow ones and the white fluffy ones. He didn’t know that the yellow ones turn white and fluffy

When I was 8 I thought that my baby sister had superpowers. Everyone tiptoed around my baby sister, worried if she cried and watched her so intently. I was terrified of her super powers and don’t think I played with her until she was 3

You know the song Apologize by Timabland? Well my sister thought (until very recently) that the lyrics were “it’s too late to call the judge” Instead of “its too late to apologize.” Listen to the lyrics

That if you put your face under a regular lamp you could get a sun burns 

I believed That if you wrote on your self that you would get lead or ink poisoning

When Melissa did the traffic, I thought “Gapers” was an exit somewhere and was amazed at how backed up it always was

WINNER: Until I was 23 I thought the golf brand Titilest was always Tit leist and couldn’t understand why all these people wanted to wear that

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