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You Kids Make You Feel Bad About What?

Using plastic straws at home. Reusable only or I hear about it!

My 7 yo shames me for drinking pop

Ugh… I get shamed for putting too much cream in my coffee! 

My son shames me on not knowing anything about Fortnite like playing or any of the lingo. He says mom you are such a noob

My kid is mad at me because I haven’t ordered her “unicorn poop” from amazon yet. She legit said to me “you have amazon prime so it’s faster. Why can’t you just order it already?”

I shame my dad into putting extra Christmas lights on his house every year. I don’t even live there anymore

My 4 year old says that I pack too much “sugary foods” in her lunch

My kids tell me I drink too much Dr Pepper. I now wait until after they go to bed to have one or I have one while I’m at work where they can’t see it

When I use my teeth to open packages or anything. They scold me and tell me I’m ruining my teeth 

My kids shame me about not buying them an iPhone XR. Everyone has one

Drinking water from the sink and drinking water from the garden hose in the summer

My son says “you’re gonna have another glass of wine mama?”

My kid shames me for not buying the organic mac & cheese and instead I just buy the original blue box Kraft

My kids make me feel guilty about shopping at Aldi

My six year old can’t believe I don’t know all the Pokémon characters

About what I eat my 11-year-old told me that I don’t have a tight body like the girls on deal or no deal +18474045015

I shame my parents for still using styrofoam plates and MICROWAVING them

WINNER: My “tween” daughter let’s me know that “it would be really nice” if I would maybe put on a little makeup when she knows I will be around her friends. She thinks she’s being kind. She’s not

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