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You Heard What?

I heard Mountain Dew lowers sperm count

I heard if you cross your eyes, your eyes will stay crossed. I never tried because i was scared they would stay that way

I heard that eating the crust of a sandwich gives you curly hair 

I was told by a high school gym teacher that riding bikes gave you a bigger butt, so I steered clear for a long time until my husband said that ridiculous

I heard that too much knuckle cracking can lead to arthritis in your hands

My grandmother used to tell us that if it is lightening outside, you will get electrocuted if you take a shower!! Lol

I heard that if you feel like you are being watched, you are being watched by a ghost!

If you always put your hair behind your ears your ears will permanently stick out

I heard that drinking beer helps breast milk production

I heard Mountain Dew Shrinks a mans package 

I heard that if you get blood on your clothes and you spit on it before you wash it it will come out

When I was a kid I was told if you swallow your gum it will stick to your heart and I believed it for a while 

My grandma wouldn’t let us use the phone, have the tv on, od anything plugged in during a thunderstorm cuz we would get electrocuted

I heard that using lavender body wash on baby boys will make them produce breasts

My mom heard, when she was growing up, that coffee would grow hair on her chest so she never drank it!

I heard that if you put a bar of dial soap between your mattress pad and bottom sheet you won’t get leg cramps at night

I heard that if you sweep a persons feet with a broom they will get married with a widow. I don’t know if it’s true, but I stay clear of people sweeping

I heard that if you hold “it” in you could destroy your prostate gland and never get or aroused ever again 

My name is Brooklyn. I’m from Bloomington, Illinois. My mom and I have heard before that if you put a Bounce dryer sheet in your pocket when it’s hot out, you won’t be bitten by bugs

WINNER: I heard that if you hold a magnet to your bellybutton- your bellybutton will basically unravel and you will no longer have one. #uncleslie 

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