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You Had A Meeting About What?

A meeting to tell us to make sure we spray the bathroom air freshener up instead of down because it makes the floor slippery and someone could slip. Also to not use our cell phones in the bathroom

A meeting on how to conduct a meeting 

Yesterday we had a meeting in the morning for 90 freakin minutes about the meeting we were going to have later that afternoon. Both meetings…..completely and utterly pointless

Reply versus reply all on an email 

I worked at a hotel downtown. We had a meeting about who sets up the “donut wall” for events and where it should be stored

We had a meeting on a Wednesday, to “tease” us about what was going to be talked about at the actual meeting on Monday. I think. I’m still unclear what the point was, actually

Had a meeting about the ‘rules’ of our office secret Santa party 

My boss held a meeting for the 5 departments he oversees just to tell us his office was moving to a different location

We had meetings for 2 months about things that needed to be changed on the website then never changed anything on the website 

How you use the bathroom and dispose of ‘poop’ properly

Meeting of what constitutes a “gym shoe” and not to wear these 

We had a pointless meeting about not sleeping with each other… Our boss was afraid the staff wouldn’t be able to work together 

Our latest meeting was about moving our computer files on Google

We once had a meeting about what time people go to lunch

WINNER: And a meeting about someone being de-pants


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