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Worst Thing You’ve Done For Money

Gained 30 lbs

My friends bet me that I couldn’t go a week eating anything but Blizzards from Dairy Queen (besides water which I was allowed). They had a pool going and I ended up winning $400. Did it no problem

My college roommate was always really struggling for money and I was always very lazy so I would pay her a dollar if I needed something from my bedroom and didn’t want to go get it myself

Freshman in college. Ate nugget of human poop for $100 I had to finish with piece of bread and say “mmmm it’s good” Easy money LOL

I ate 8 mega chocolate chip cookies (8″ wide) and 16 chocolate milks with lunch in high school for 20 bucks. They also paid for the cookies and milk

In college I chugged an entire bottle of maple flavored syrup in less than a minuet for a gift card- turned out the gift card was only worth $5

I stole $90 from a kids charity I was working for to pay my cable bill

I once peed on a guy for $1,200. And he even supplied a six pac to help to have to go

While making minimum wage I had to clean and sanitize all the balls in the ball pit at Burger King after a kid had a number 2 accident in the pit

With a summer lab project I had to make rats exercise after doses of calcium

I worked as a “talent” for my father at a trade show

One Fat Tuesday my college friends bet me I couldn’t eat an entire Boston Cream Pie, Foot long meatball sub, entire package of Oreos and pint of Ben and jerry’s. I did it, but I put most of my $200 winnings towards the ER visit I had when I thought I tore my stomach shortly after

As a teen I helped an elderly woman in the neighborhood with tasks around the house – one job that I had to constantly perform was extracting dental floss from the butts of her 2 cats – no idea why she kept leaving the floss out

I ate habanero for $20 instantly regretted it and paid for it later do you know what I mean

Winner: Get my 80 year old neighbor out of the bath tub

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