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Why Were You Sent Home From Work?

Because I threw up on my first grade student. Literally this morning 

I got sent home while working at Chuck E Cheese for being too hung over

I was sent home because I used scented soap and it “annoyed” my client. She did say I could shower at her house and continue my day!…I don’t think so! 

I got sent home for singing the song black Betty in the grill area at McDonald’s when I was 17

I was sent home from work because i was too sunburned and it was too painful for my boss to look at me

I’m a nurse at Northwestern. A patients poop bag exploded in my face. I got to go home! 

One time a bunch of people bet me to eat some Days Bomb hot sauce, basically about 2 million scoval units. After I got done making my self vomit, they politely asked me to go home. Because I look like a ghost. Worth it 

I was sent home from work because I threw a stuffed bears doll into my company vehicle and caused 4500$ worth of damage

I work at a hospital and I wore bowing shirt covered with images of lit cigars in the cancer center

I was sent home from work because I was pregnant and they said “things were growing bigger and I wasn’t fitting into my clothes” aka my chest was getting too big! 

I was sent home first day on the job working security at a Gap store where I accidentally let out a shoplifter who had over $200 worth of merchandise in her bag

I worked a Pepperidge farm and had white shorts on but they were to short they had to be two inches above my knee sent home 

Not only was I sent home from work but several people were after a potluck lunch after several of us soiled ourselves. We later found out one of the desserts were make with chocolate laxatives. We all had others go shop for clean underpants and pants to go home

WINNER: Good morning guys, two years ago I worked at a body shop and was sent home for accidentally running someone’s foot over


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