Why Are You In The Dog House?

Hubby found my secret drunk amazon orders

I’m in the dog house because I went out for sushi ALL. BY. MYSELF! Apparently we had a sushi code I had no idea existed

I gave my wife’s Girl Scout cookies away because she said she wanted to lose weight

I’m in the dog house because I watched the finale of The Masked Singer without him and I know who the monster is and he doesn’t

I am currently in the cat house because my partner wants to put a cat door on the door in our master bedroom. I dont like to have the cats in the bed when I’m sleeping so I said no

I’m in the dog house because I am hosting a biker party with an attendance of 40 people in a 960 square foot home so I have to use man cave space I.e. the “garage”

WINNER: I am in the dog house because I accidentally froze all my wife’s clothes after doing laundry

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