When I Realized It

I noticed in the Nissan commercials when they put their website name up, www.nissanusa.com, that the word anus is in there. I never not see it when their commercials are on now.

I noticed that Common looks like Frozone from The Incredibles. He probably is in real life.

I notice while sitting on the toilet that the wood grain on the door in front of me has the face of an antelope.

I noticed the fireplace at work isn’t centered on the wall. I pointed it out to a coworker and she was furious because she couldn’t un-see it.

The Wendy’s girl mascot , for the restairant, if you look at her collar, it spells out mom!

I noticed that in Britney Spears song “circus” the chorus sounds like she’s saying “asparagus” rather than “a circus” and now my friends and I cannot unheard it.

If you look at a Fed ex truck look at the symbol you can actually see an arrow that points right. Now that I’ve seen it I can’t un see it.

I noticed that a picture at my graduation of my family, that the trees behind us make us look like we have horns in our heads. That’s all we see now. Lol.

I noticed that Cheetos taste like Fritos but with cheese.

I noticed that I’m the movie “the hurt locker” whenever bombs explode that the extras I the movie are smiling and running as if it was just cool to be in the movie surrounded by explosions. It really took me out of the moment…

I’m the only one to notice at the beginning that there is a smiley face object or drawing in every friend’s episode.

I noticed that Whip has a giggle that trails off softly after a good laugh.

Noticed a medical malpractice billboard next to a dental implant billboard.

Winner: A long time ago, noticed in school the female reproductive system looked like the Bulls logo at center court…. yay.


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