What’s The Unique Thing That Happened at a Wedding?

At my wedding a woman had to many martinis. She got diarrhea and didn’t make it to the bathroom in time. A waiter discreetly rolled up the carpet runner.

While giving the toast, the best man accidentally commented “enjoy the flowing menstruals” during dinner instead of “enjoy the strolling minstrels.

Father of the bride told the groom’s family they weren’t going to pay their share of the wedding. Fight broke out. Food, plates flying. Craziness erupted.

Groom’s dad got so drunk he passed out and pooped in his rented tux.

I saw a full blown wedding brawl. Like as in the mother of the bride had the groom by the hair and it only went south from there. Epic! They are currently divorced.

I saw the groom French kissing his best man in the bathroom.

The groom was so nervous he puked when he saw his bride.

My friend brought my ex-husband to my second wedding as her date. He proceeded to get drunk, boo me during my first dance, and throw up on my new mother.

The bride wore a black dress.

The happy couple had their dog in the wedding. The bride was walking the dog before the wedding and fell off the pavement and broke her ankle. She was in a wheelchair for the whole wedding.

Father of bride fell asleep during his speech.

For her second wedding the bride gave a 1.5 hour PowerPoint speech complete with 3 toasts. Half of the guests left during it.

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