What’s The Story He/She Always Tells About Their Ex?

He is a geologist and so was his ex. They would always take trips and go Rock hunting or whatever. He would always say how cool at was that she “didn’t mind getting dirty”.

Every time he uses his (ugly) Packers blanket he has to remind me that his ex made it for him.

My boyfriend always tells the story where he got caught in bed with his ex-girlfriend by every member of her family. I think he’s super proud of this.

He always tells the story about how he loaned his collection of Tales From the Crypt dvds and they came back scratched. he always says “did she use them as coasters?!”

Their vacation to Dollywood. OMG no one cares about Dolly Parton anymore.

The time the lead singer of Soul Asylum came to their apartment for a college party after their show. Every time I hear runaway train he tells everybody about how much fun they had.

About his ex made more money than him and how nice that was.

Every time we’re out, my roommate tells the story of how she is single handedly responsible for making her ex boyfriend hot. Without her, he wouldn’t have ever gotten hot enough to dump her and date hotter women.

My husband dated Gallagher’s daughter, you know the comedian watermelon smashing guy. Always have to hear about that time he and his ex smashed fruit in the backyard.

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