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What’s The Secret He Doesn’t Know About You?

The smell of my farts could kill a small child

My secret is that I have to put deodorant between my boobs. They’re big and they sweat and it’s like having a third armpit

…he doesn’t know I made out with mark wahlberg when he was marky mark

Whenever he’s out of town for work, our dog, who he doesn’t allow in our bedroom, sleeps on his pillow

He thinks I attend a women’s tennis group randomly throughout the week, but I’m really going to Blackhawks games alone without him

He doesn’t know my number of partners is triple what I told him

I have a itchy butt and have to scratch it every morning

My boyfriend doesn’t know that my finances are a mess. I tell him I have a savings account but that’s not true. I spend my extra money on shoes

He does not know that my former FWB is a writer for Family Guy

He doesn’t know I have four cats. I keep them in my roommates room and put all there stuff away when he comes over because he hates cats

My husband doesn’t know I spent $200 on Disney toys for myself. BTW we have four kids

He doesn’t know o blocked him on Facebook from seeing my post

Those brownies I bake that he loves so much, come from a box

How much I actually spend at Target

I own and drive a Porsche. I keep it in a garage about 5 minutes away and leave the hose in my Subaru then go switch it out

He doesn’t know I eat meat. I met him at a vegan brunch and he’s really “green”

My husband has no idea that I still have my downtown apartment that I had when we started dating. When we moved out to the suburbs I told him that it was being rented out. He believes that but it’s actually my secret sanctuary that I spend a lot of time at even still two years later

I love my pet rabbit more than my boyfriend

Winner: My sister lives with us. He thinks she’s my sister. She’s actually my daughter from a previous marriage that he doesn’t know about either

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