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What’s The One You’re Not Telling Your Husband?

I don’t tell my husband that hes a lousy kisser

He has horribly gnarly toes with gross nails

I really hate your family. All of them

I told my husband straight up that I don’t like the cologne that he loves so much. It reminds me of my uncles and older brothers from the 90s

I’m not telling my husband…his jokes aren’t really funny

You Wearing sandals bothers me

I don’t want to kiss you bc your beard is gross

I would tell my significant other that he is kind of a jerk when hes drunk and he embarasses me in public

I don’t really care to listen to your day at work, i don’t understand most of it

I am not telling you about my private bank account

The time you spend on your cell phone is really affecting your family life

Your parts are not even remotely cute! STOP 

I’m not telling him that he should be saving his money for our vacation instead of spending it on toys

I’m not telling my husband that I have been secretly making payments for a family cruise in January. That’s costing about $12,000

All of his new facial hair he had to grow is the reason we don’t have sex as often as we could

I love you but the missing part of your pinkie freaks me out 

Your friends are as smart as a box of rocks 

Manscaping is a verb. Do it

The amount of daily bellybutton lint accumulation bothers me 

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