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What’s Stressing You Out At Work?

The fact that there is a bird attacking a bug in front of my window at work and the bug is screeching

Working with my ex fiancé everyday!!! Ugh

I’m stressed out by my office mate constantly sighing like she’s exasperated

My boss eating KFC at her desk instead of responding to emails stresses me out!

I’m 37 and married with 3 kids and am stressed out by the cougars hitting on me out at work!

My 75-year-old Drama Queen co-worker at the public library is stressing me out at work!

Bedbugs! I’m a care taker and the building my 87 year old lady owns one of the apartments has bedbugs so I’m stressed I might get them!!

The fact that the social committee hasn’t planned our summer outing is stressing me out

My co-worker’s constant talking and chewing with their mouth full is stressing me out

My coworker gets coffee on the way in and blows air through the little hole to cool it off. JUST TAKE THE TOP OFF!!!!

I’m a driver, and I’m driving a truck without air conditioning.. so imagine during that heat wave.. I was sweating pools around me.. and I keep reminding my manager to fix it.. but it still hasn’t been fixed 

The 10 year old boy I nanny has literally whipped his shoes at me and hits me and it stresses me out because I have to hold myself back from smacking the kid

Our entire computer system got hijacked last week – so this week We are working on getting all info, billing ,receiving input from last week and doing currentwork too. But the whole office has been working together to fix it all ! Everyone is stressed ! 

I’m am the only girl in my office. I am PMSing like all hell and one of the guys ate my stash of chocolate

What’s currently stressing me out is that I have a coworker who is in their 30s, barely does anything and thinks that they should be paid way more than what they are making

What’s stressing me out at work? My boss keeps having me put in his ear infection ear drops…

I have an intern that I am supposed to set a good example for but I am stressed because I can’t come in late like I usually do. I feel like she judges me

My coworker is in Italy on her honeymoon. She emailed me about her trip saying the pressure to keep eating out there is unreal! Meanwhile I’m working 10hours a day as a single mom for the next two weeks

I’m currently stressed that I have to pack up my entire desk and move to a tiny desk in a cramped room while they replace our carpet

I work at a retirement community. My biggest stress is not being able to find a clean bathroom because all the seniors decide not to do their business In their own apartment but rather the public bathrooms!

WINNER: I’m suppose to have our company’s parade float built by Saturday. I have candy and a sign. That’s it.

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