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What You Miss About College

The night life and dating 

Never having to pay for beer at a party (because frats, duh) 

The wild women 

Being able to go out on a Tuesday night and not deal with a crowd 

Setting my own curfew 

Scheduling classes around naps

Traveling around the country and having the school pay for it

Having all your best friends live a mile or less away

There wasn’t social media 

Day drinking while yelling at freshman during move in day

Care packages from my parents filled with goodies. Now I get nothing

Sex,drugs and rock & roll 

I miss 50 cent Rum & Coke Wednesday nights at the local bar 

Running naked to a giant rock

Telling your parents who didn’t go to college how hard college is…. even though it’s really easy 

I miss walking out the door in pajamas and slippers with no makeup and absolutely no judgement!!!

Not having to pay student loans and not yet realizing how terrible they are… 

Drinking beer on my meal card that was paid by my parents 

Getting up at 7 am to tailgate but refusing to take a class that met before 11 am 

I miss living “on my own” but my parents paid for everything! 

Having a friend just right next door to pop in on

In a pinch going to another dorm and steeling clean underwear out of a dryer

Beer showers on melrose ave 

 Free swag! Especially tee shirts…because I wouldn’t have to do laundry for weeks at a time 

I miss skipping class to play UNO with my fraternity brothers and sisters

Morally casual women 

$5 XL cheese sticks from Mad Mushroom at 3AM. Purdue University

Football weekends/Being able to start tailgating at 6am on game day and go all day

WINNER: Watching Price is Right with Bob Barker while eating an omelette with a large Pepsi. I did this once to twice a week my Freshman year at Western 

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