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What You Avoid Talking About On Thanksgiving

Morning! Our topic would be: the fact that my aunt who is hosting Thanksgiving, her son when he was in his early twenties got a girl pregnant and she had the baby BUT we have never heard anything about or know what happened with it after that. He is now older and a world traveler and they act like it never happened. It is a FORBIDDEN topic 

Kristen Bell – is she a good person or not?

My canceled wedding

My uterus. I’m pregnant and that’s my biggest pet peeve. Just because I’m having a child doesn’t give you permission to ask about my reproductive system

Mitch Trubisky

My sisters gastric bypass surgery and how she’s still eating big time! 

Uncle Mark’s new lover

Nipple piercings is off limit 

My moms washing machine…..

At thanksgiving we will not be talking about my tattoos since my family always has something negative to say 

My uncle not having a job since 2008 

No discussion of polyps! My sis jTust had a colonoscopy & tired of hearing about it 18152636402

My uncle’s alcoholic issue after a second chance at life 


I’m hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and there will be no discussion of how weird it is that my sister (who won’t be there) married our 1st cousin 

Off limits topic: gone with the wind(the movie)…always turns into a discussion of race and somebody becoming “woke” 

Topic off limit- “the divorce of your father and I” – we go to trial 12/6 and we all will be together this Thanksgiving at the same table 

The towns Christmas parade 

Your dogs are annoying brats 

Off limits topic – online dating apps for mother-in-laws divorced friends, 60yr+ crowd

My ex girlfriend, a prominent real estate broker in the area, who I still had feelings for, was found on a porn site. 17082276411

The topic we are not allowed to bring up or make jokes about (per my mom) is that my brother is now dating his ex-wife’s aunt. So my nephew now has a brother cousin, sister cousin, aunt step mom, and an uncle dad!!! It starts a lot of fights 

We will remotely avoid the topic of corn. Why you ask? Because it reminds my aunt Sue about the “homeland”. Once she gets started we will never leave

Our cousin’s wild swinging weekend

WINNER: My married brothers baby he had with his boss while he was married. It was brought up one year and he threw a knife across the Thanksgiving table


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