What Would You Tell Your Best Friend…But Not Your Significant Other?

OMG my friend knows every guy I slept with if my husband knew the total he would have never married me.

Channing Tatum is single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That I have naughty dreams about my brother-in-law.

I can discuss rogue nipple hairs with my bff.

We talked about whether or not I should dump him because he was too small.

Told her but not him: what I paid for the Louis Vuitton purse.

I told my best friend I wish I had had more sex with other guys before I married him.

The truth about how I spend money.

I can tell her my most embarrassing things… like the other day I pulled over while driving and had an emergency stop on the side of the road. I used apage of his medical dissertation to wipe with. Desperate time and desperate measure.

I tell my girlfriends about weird poops because you have to tell someone and when I told my boyfriend once he said the thought of me pooping was “horrifying”.

His fantasy team sucks but he thinks he has the best team in the league.

My best friend and I will always text each other our crazy irrational thoughts about our boyfriends before we act on said crazy thoughts. Like “he still has pictures on his Facebook with his ex from 2009. Should I tell him to delete them???”

His Father hit on me.

The doctor thinks I should loose weight.

Passed relationship stories! The good and juicy ones!

My x-fiance has and is paying for my two kids summer camp as he has no kids and just came into money.


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