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What Would Make You Ask That?

Do you have any Sexually Transmitted Diseases? 

When was the last time you slept with your ex? 

So how did your mother die? 

“So why did you become vegan?” Instant regret

Have you ever had a 3-some?

In college, I asked a girl if she wanted to see a picture of my ex?

Wanted to say- “Do you want a spoon?” But it came out “do you wanna spoon?” 

Are you going to do something about that wart growing on your face? 

Have you ever made out with a relative? 

On our second date with my husband, where he made me dinner at his house. There was weird hose on his kitchen table. I asked him if it was a penis pump . Turned out it was vacuum siphon for his fish tank. We still laugh about it 15 years later. I had seen Austin Power movie, at the time, where they talked about penis pump. That’s what made me think of it

On a first date at a seafood restaurant, I asked my date if he ever had the crabs? That was also our last date 

I saw my dates chest hair through his shirt and asked if his whole body is that hairy and if he would consider shaving?

Do you think you’ll end up looking like your mom when you’re older? 

What’s your shoe size? 

Sometimes when I get nervous my mouth gets kinda dry. I was feeling light headed. On my first date instead of saying can you pass me the water I said, can you help me pass out? 

I was taken to a very upscale restaurant on a first day once he ordered an expensive bottle of wine I accidentally said are you sure you can afford this? 

Winner: I cant believe I asked someone if they went #1 or #2 in the bathroom on the first date

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