What Turns You On?

Someone who has an amazon prime account.

I love big ears.

Sweaty hockey players.

Their love of Disney.

Pregnant women, 7, 8, 9 months.

Loud engines in mustangs.

By watching supernatural and eating peanut butter in my pajamas and bunny slippers.

I’m turned on by a girl who has a Charcoal Grill and knows how to use it!

Guys in a good quarter zip.

Turned on by.. My Wife’s huge…. income.

Any guy drenched in Drakar Noir.

Macho dads that don’t act so macho with their little daughters.

A girl who trash talks players at a cubs game.

When my Maps app talks to me she’s got a sexy voice. I call her my Carrie Underwood.

It turns me on when I get a bunch of green lights in a row.

Breathing on my neck, not kisses, just breath.

I’m turned on by girls that can blow smoke rings while smoking a cigar.

Winner: Girls who SNORT!


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