What Shocked You?

Lake Cook Road” is the boundary of Lake County and Cook County… who knew!

My dad gave blood blood 40 times and as a result he has saved 120 lives.

How much student debt I’m in.

That ponies are not baby horses.

Bret Michaels daughter an SI swimsuit model.

On maps Greenland looks as big as Africa. In real life it’s like a quarter of the size. Childhood mind blown.

Anthony Rizzo’s 1st Career Pitching appearance totally blew my mind!

I recently learned that Arby’s was named for RB’s, aka roast beef sandwiches! MIND. BLOWN.

The continent song is in order of size largest to smallest.

Barcode scanners scan the white, not the black.

Recreation and recreation are the same word. (To re create something vs. enjoyable activity)

You can’t hum while holding your nose.

Viagra dissolved in water can make plants stand erect for two weeks longer than they would otherwise.

Dogs that have tails that are thick at the base are supposed to be swimming dogs.

It blew my mind to find out Kiefer Sutherland became a grandfather at 39 years old!

My brother knew Santa and the Easter bunny weren’t real, but was mind blown when he was told the tooth fairy wasn’t real either.

They dont put cd players in newer model car…mind blown.

There’s enough water in Lake Superior to cover all of North and South America in 1 foot of water.

WINNER: Sloths don’t fart.

THE MOST TEXTED: The game Tag stands for touch and go. Mind blown.

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