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What Secret Are You Hiding?

I’m pregnant!!!! I can finally tell someone!! 

My neighbor made a pass at me at my husbands 60 bday party 

I have never told my wife, but in college before I started dating her, I ended up having a wild night with her best friend. To this day, she suspected something happened between us, but we have both denied ‍ 

Sex at work. With 2 co-workers 

I am a 31 year old man. When I was around 2-4, I can only remember one thing… I snuck in the bathroom with my best friend(another boy), and we showed each other our things!

I hooked up with my step mom and to this day my dad doesn’t know

Secret: I am a teacher but used to be a Hooters girl

I’ve been in a relationship with someone 16 years older than me for 3 years and haven’t told anyone

My secret is I never graduated college because I was one credit short and the school let me walk at the ceremony but I never went back for my final credit . So I created a fake diploma to hang up in my house for my parents to think I graduated. That was 15 years ago

My husband and I had decided not to find out the sex of our baby so we would be surprised. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I went for my regular check up and had an ultra sound… I found out we were having a girl but acted surprised when she was born. I never told anyone

My husband doesn’t know that my side of the family which includes two sisters and a brother and their spouses and my oldest niece are going on our vacation with us on a Alaska cruise. I’m not telling him until we’re actually running into the family on the cruise because then he can’t go anywhere. Oh and my oldest niece is staying in the same cabin as us LOL

Guy hit my car. Tricked car insurance claim into paying me $1,500 for doctor appointment and imaging. I never saw a doctor. Lol 

I’ve had a sex dream that involved Whip and whipped cream

I’m pregnant with my brother in laws baby

Told everyone my dad retired in Argentina he’s actually been deported 

My wife thinks that when we met i was a player, pimp, etc. When in reality i lost my virginity to her

WINNER: On my mother-in-law’s death bed I whispered in her ear with a horrible person she’s always been 

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